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Battered Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence

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About the MenWeb Online Journal

Editor: Bert H. Hoff, J.D. *
Adjunct Faculty, University of Phoenix School of Criminal Justice and Security<


Vision and Mission

The MenWeb Online Journal is an "open source" journal for research and scholarly articles on intimate partner violence and society's response to it, particularly as this affects male victims of intimate partner violence and treatment of male perpetrators. It is published several times a year, but may not be published on a regular monthly or quarterly schedule.


Submissions are most welcome! We encourage you to submit your articles.

Submissions are expected to reflect the highest standards of academic research. They are reviewed by the Editor and an ad-hoc body of peer-reviewers to help ensure this. APA format for references is required. Articles may be of any length, although the editor reserves the right to shorten longer submissions if needed. This is done with the approval of the submitting author(s).

Articles may be submitted in Word format or Adobe PDF format. (We will add a cover page to the Adobe format, with the name of the journal, title of the article, and name and credentials of the author(s).

Submissions may be e-mailed to "berthoff", at Note: e-mail is spelled out here, to prevent "e-mail harvesting."

Comments and Feedback

Comments and feedback are always welcome. They may be e-mailed to "berthoff", at Note: e-mail is spelled out here, to prevent "e-mail harvesting."


Bert H. Hoff, J.D., is Adjunct Faculty at the University of Phoenix, where he teaches classes in criminal justice, management, political science and policy planning. He is formerly affiliated with the School of Social Policy at The American University and a former research scientist at the Battelle Human Affairs Research Centers, is publisher of Men's Voices quarterly. He is WebMaster of MenWeb, the only resource in Washington that offers public education and victim education/outreach for male victims of domestic violence. His prior research has been published in the Journal of the Association of Advancement of Psychiatry and the Law, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Evaluation and Reseasrch, Journal of the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, and numerous government-funded research reports. Return to top


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